Jack’s grandson steps-up and makes an amazing ace on the 9th hole of the Masters par-3 course.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Just when you think you have seen it all at Augusta and have seen every highlight that a Nicklaus has to offer on the hallowed grounds. The family served up perhaps its most amazing highlight to date. 

Just as Jack Nicklaus was finishing up another great performance in the legendary Masters par-3 tournament with a four-under par 23 to finish third overall behind his playing partner Tom Watson who shot 21 (six-under), his fifteen year old grandson stole the show by making a hole-in-one on the ninth hole in front of a national television audience.

G.T. Nicklaus who plays on his high school golf team and is the son of former Ohio State star Gary Nicklaus made what will be the most memorable shot of his life and his first career hole-in-one. G.T. was caddying for his famous grandfather and had been promised a shot on the final hole. He took full advantage of his opportunity. 

Click here to see one of the most amazing shots you will ever see and read the article written by UPI writer Alex Butler who attempts to capture the mind-blowing moment that Jack Nicklaus called his greatest highlight in golf. 

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