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Or perhaps the number six, as in six-feet social distancing, was more appropriate for the start of the Lima Junior Golf Association (LJGA) season that began with the Eagles Aerie #370 Open held Thursday at Tamarac Golf Club.

Ninety-two young linksters hit the fairways and greens at the first event of the year that has 14 tournaments slated spread over six counties.

Mike Harmon, LJGA tournament director, said the biggest thing getting ready for this season was waiting for the word that they would be cleared to play.

“We always have our dates set the year before so that is kind of set in stone and we are always scrambling for sponsors at the last minute but for the most part for us it was to see whether or not we would be able to do it,” Harmon said.

Harmon added getting this many to come out was a great number.

“Usually the first ones of the year are not as well attended because everybody is getting into the swing of summer but this year golf is on everybody’s radar because everything else has been canceled,” Harmon said. “A lot of these kids played right through quarantine and I think it kept them sane. There was not a lot of places they could go and do something.”

Because of the coronavirus each course has a separate set of rules and regulations concerning the pandemic and the LJGA has posted on its website a general outline that needed to be followed for the participants.

Harmon, who patrolled the course throughout the day, said they are making sure the golfers are following the guidelines.

“In general every course has their own set of precautions so we are trying to fit in whatever they are doing,” Harmon said. “As far as our end we have put out some extra rules this year like having some of them show up a little later so they don’t congregate and then we encourage them to leave. You see the empty clubhouse behind us.”

The LJGA posted its own guidelines on its website.

Primarily, the six-foot social distancing would be enforced and flag stick rules and holing procedures vary on what each course is doing at the time of the tournament. Players are not to be shuttled or ride in any carts during their rounds and the competitors are not to shake hands before or after the completion of the round.

Upon completion of the round, players are instructed to move to the scoring area and will not trade or sign each other’s scorecards while agreeing on scores. Scores will be verbally reported to the tournament staff and verbally attested to by the players.

Players must leave at the completion of the rounds and after their scores have been reported.

Rules were also in place for spectators who were limited to one to two per golfer. Fans should not congregate in any area and are not allowed in the practice area.

Zach Miller, who golfs at Allen East, was happy to be out competing on the hot and humid day.

“It is the first time for me to play in a tournament, and it was nice to get out here,” Miller said. “The front nine wasn’t too good but on the back I pulled it together to get a decent round.”

Miller, who said he has been practicing on his own for the most part, added that it was good to be around fellow golfers. He admits it was tough to always maintain the six-foot rule but said most did their best to adhere to the guidelines.

“We tried,” Miller said. “It didn’t always happen but some of us were right beside each other on our ball marks and it wasn’t six feet.”

Harmon said that he also watched what other groups around the state were doing to pick up some tips in order to keep all the golfers safe.

“Everybody seems to get it,” Harmon said. “They’ve all been doing it for two months. Normally they would be trading scorecards, and they are not trading scorecards and now they are just reporting the scores to us. Just a few small changes like that.”

Harmon said he expects to get the rest of the season in barring any more mandates from the state.

Lima Junior Golf Association results

McDonald’s Junior Series

Eagles Aerie #370 Open

Tamarac Golf Club (36-36 — 72)

Boys 16-18: Adam Ballas 68, Carson Harmon 70, Mary Kelly Mulcahy 75, Cole Koenig 76, Britton Hall 77, Riley Wilcoxon 77, Joseph Magoto 79, Hunter Jolliff 80, Ryan Klausing 80, Zach Miller 80, Carter Schimmoeller 80, Justin Altenbach 81, Erin Mulcahy 81, Parker Schomaeker 81, Zach Stechschulte 81, Kenny Lovett 82, Lane McPherson 83, Jack Gerker 84, Matthew Mullen 84, Liam Harris 85, Andrew Moore 86, Carter Frey 87, Kyle Peters 87, Mason Brandt 88, Hyatt Kaufman 88, Reese Sweigart 88, Jameson Meyer 89, Ethan Ricketts 89, Alex Wisser 89, Dylan Meyer 90, Logan Gallmeier 91, Jack Shivley 91, Ross Otto 92, Charlie Schneider 93, Jacob Suter 94, Calvin Caywood 97, Casey Koenig 97, Carson Fuka 98, Riley Goff 98, Hayden Beougher 99, Colin Pasion 100, Kaden Boroff 104, Brady Koenig 107, Brett Speckman 113.

Girls 16-18: Bridget Mulcahy 78, Ellen Naumann 80, Jalyn Bruns 83, Madilyn Paphanchith 85, Regan Ross 89, Carlie VanMeter 92, Haylee Wurm 94, Kayla Nartker 96, Kayla Watkins 97, Jacqueline Oen 98, Shelby Stammen 98, Layne Visard 98, Leiahnni Smith 100, Emma Mayers 102, Courtney Clune 108, Madison Sams 114, Adeline Hilden 117.

Boys 14-15: Parker Judy 83, Connor Nartker 84, Aiden Wehrman 86, Louis Magoto 90, Joseph (JJ) Meyer 93, Collin Feathers 94, Seth Hegemier 97, Ethan Warnecke 98, Seth Grieshop 99, Isaac LeFevre 120.

Nine hole events

Peewee (11 & younger): Treg Meyer 44, Evan Altenburger 45 (won scorecard playoff for second), Calvin Byrum 45, Landon Meas 50, Nate Warner 54, Ty Koenig 57, Preston Spivey 65, Lily Whittaker 65, Lils Brennan 76.

Boys 12-13: Brevin Brandt 43, Brody Miller 47, Aiden Meinerding 49, Preston Rupert 53, Sullivan Hasting 54, Braylon Lampert 54, Brody Rosswurm 55, Ty Rudasill 55, Noah Brennan 68.

Girls 15 & younger: Jordan Hemmelgarn 58, Kallie Mckinley 61, Elle Gable 68.

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