The 34th Annual Masters at Apple Valley sponsored by

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2018 with tee times starting at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Purse for 80 man field ($40 to pot per player): $3000 (minus $200 for keg);

Flights (Top three paid): $1680 (14 positions total paid – $200 1st – $120 2nd – $80 3rd – $40 4th in B/C only);  Closest to the Pins: $200 ($50 each); Long drives: ($ 40 prize); Long putts: ($40 prize); Duel Skins: A/B game $360 C/X game $360. Team Best Ball: $240 ($60 each x 4).

Send your confirmation email and guest information to:

Reserved (67): ** denotes Masters rookie

Jeremy Ambrose, Columbus

John Ankrom, Worthington 

Jay Arnholt, Gahanna

Tim Arnholt, Sunbury – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Darren Baldago, Columbus – C (Cook flight)

Stan Ball, Columbus – A (Nicklaus Flight)**

Shawn Bernhard, Columbus – C (Cook flight)

Rick Borg, Croton – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Karl “Bucky” Bricker, Worthington C (Cook flight)

Dwayne Broderick, Columbus – B (Weiskopf Flight)

Chuck Brown, Columbus

Jeff Brown, Columbus

Rick Burdette, Grove City

Andy Chmielewski, Pataskala – 

Darren Dicke, Columbus

Craig Domanik, Nashville, TN. – B (Weiskopf flight)

Dan Eckelman, Dublin

Tommy Elliott, Worthington – C (Cook Flight)

Chas Elliott, Mt. Gilead – X ( Sneed Flight)

Tim Ford, Westerville – A (Nicklaus Flight)**

Bud Fuller, Columbus – 

David Fuller, Columbus – 

Scott Gordon, Worthington

Dan Hanes, Columbus

John Harris, Columbus

Mark Hay, Grove City

Dan Hayden, Pataskala

John Heuer, Columbus

Craig Hoover, Pataskala – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Scott Hoover, New Albany

Steve Hoover, Granville

Josh Hreha, Mt. Vernon – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Ryan Huyghe, Columbus

Charles Hython, Columbus – A (Nicklaus Flight) 77.0 

Jeremy Karg, Columbus – A (Nicklaus flight) 73.0

Gary Kenty, Columbus

Dan Kerchner, Worthington – B (Weiskopf Flight)

Sam Korzecki, Worthington – B (Weiskopf Flight)

Casey Kostecka, Atlanta, GA.

Andy Kurtz, Worthington – A (Nicklaus flight)

Jay LaPrete, Grandview – 

Chris Marbury, Hilton Head SC – A (Nicklaus Flight) 77.0

Paul Martell, Columbus

Sidney Martell, Columbus – X (Sneed Flight)

John Martin, Mount Vernon – A (Nicklaus flight)**

Jeff Marx, Reynoldsburg

Jim Mayo, Worthington

Jim Meije, Columbus

Ryan Meije, Columbus

Steve Melvin, Westerville

Mike Merullo, U.A. – X (Sneed Flight)

Steve Meyer, Marysville**

Andrew Morey, Columbus

Jay Orders, Columbus – X (Sneed Flight)**

Mark Payne, Columbus – X (Sneed Flight)

Kurt Purdy, Mt. Vernon – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Jack Rubin, Hillard – A (Nicklaus Flight)**

John Stampe, Columbus – B  (Weiskopf  flight)

Jon Stonebraker, Westerville – B (Weiskopf flight)

Cody Strayer, Worthington – B (Weiskopf Flight)

Gary Strayer, Columbus – C (Cook Flight)

Jared Strayer, Atlanta, GA. – 

Jeff Strayer, Worthington – A (Nicklaus Flight)

Jack Vicencio, Columbus

Rich Warner, Worthington

Jim Worcester, Delaware


TENTATIVE  OGN Masters Tee Times:

10:00:                       D. Chilcote, J Worcester, CJ, Mitchell 

10:08:                       D. Dicke, C. Brown, J. Heuer, J. Ambrose

10:16:                        P. Martell, S. Martell, C. Kostecka, G. Kenty

10:24:                        J.Arnholt, J. Meije, R. Meije, A. Kurtz

10:32:                        J. Hreha, A. Morey, J. Orders, 

10:40:                      R. Warner, J. Brown, J. Martin

10:48:                       S. Gordon, J. Ankrom, R. Borg, T. Arnholt

10:56:                       St. Hoover, Sc. Hoover, C. Hoover, R. Huyghe

11:04:                        S. Ball, C. Hython, C. Marbury, Jack Vicencio

11:12:                          J. Mayo, John Harris, Jeff Marx, Dwayne Bodrick

11:20:                        B. Fuller, D. Hanes, M. Payne, J. LaPrete

11:28:                        S. Korzecki, D. Kindler, D. Eckelman, 

11:36:                        D. Hayden, D. Baldago, T. Elliott, C. Elliott

11:44:                        Jf. Strayer, C. Strayer, Jd. Strayer, G. Strayer

11:52:                        Kurt Purdy, Jeremy Karg, Jack Rubin,  T. Ford

12:00                        A. Chmielewski, D. Fuller, Mark Hay, Rick Burdette

12:08:                       C. Domanik, J. Stonebraker, D. Kerchner, B. Bricker

12:16:                         M. Merullo, S. Meyer, J. Stampe, S. Melvin

The Record Book:

Past Champions: C. Hoover (7 Green Jackets), D. Houser (5), T. Arnholt (4), J. Strayer (3), A. Kurtz (2), J. Stampe (1), C. Myers (1), S. Jabalayan (1), D. O’Brien (1), D. Donnelly (1), S. Brewer (1), D. Savage (1), E. Bohlen (1), B. Carpenter (1),  K. Purdy (1), 

Tournament Record: 69 (5 times) by Eric Bohlen, Craig Hoover, Scott Helmick (2nd), Josh Hreha (2nd), Doug Houser. 

Most consecutive wins: (3) Jeff Strayer 

Oldest winner: Doug Savage (64) 2016

Youngest winner: Craig Hoover (17) 1990 

2017: Craig Hoover 69, (5-hole playoff win over Josh Hreha)

2016: Doug Savage 72,  (Former Mt. Vernon golf coach is oldest winner of the Green Jacket)

2015: Andy Kurtz 70, 

2014: Eric Bohlen 69, (Mt. Vernon rookie wins first Masters appearance!)

2013: Craig Hoover

2012: Doug O’Brien 72,

2011: Sylvian Jabalayan 74, (Rookie wins in a high scoring Masters)

2010: Craig Hoover 72, (Playoff win over Tim Arnholt gives Craig his 5th Blazer and denies Tim his fifth.)

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